When constructing a project, the most important thing that we build it up on is the creative idea. Once the light bulb is lit, from there on we can continue the adventure, as it is then ready to be shaped and formed, stretched and adapted to all forms of marketing we provide. We welcome you to blend and create your combination of the creative idea we present.


Whether it be online or offline, a product or a service, a big or a small business, your brand has a story, and we want to tell that story in the most efficient way, to the most relevant audience. We as deep thinkers and good analyzers come with design solutions to get the message out right. We listen, we care and we offer solutions from print, packaging and website design, to creating brand identities from scratch or redesigning your existing identity, giving your brand the tone & voice it deserves.


With 12 years of background in designing events, we are here to create a full on experience that resonates with your brand’s identity. Our focus is to make a difference and inspire your target audience with a memorable event. Growing technology and our ability to adapt to global innovations in the field is what differs us from what you have experienced until now. We are a group of dedicated hardworkers, with a team of content creators that specifically work to construct the idea, build the strategy and basically put all their effort in creativity to make the project shine effortlessly. Our team is your team, from designing the idea, to the production of the design, and the curation of your one of a kind event. Lean back and enjoy to see the outcome of our expertise.


One thing that’s certain in the world of advertisement/marketing and communication is that, if you do not exist in the digital world you simply don’t exist. We analyze, rethink, and digitalize your brand message. We research the convenient medium your brand should be present in, design that presence, and shape what the interaction is by assessing the outcome to get the desired results. We adapt offline ideas to online content and add value by allowing customers to experience it.


Google says that a journey is; the act of traveling from one place to another. It’s all hidden in the simplicity of the words what makes us think deeper to adjust what we want to do. It’s our duty to take both our clients and their target audiences on a journey when we work together. The observable change of feelings, before, during and after attending a CPM creation is what fuels us to do even better on what’s yet to come. The bunch of kids in our team loves storytelling and loves even more to share this world of imagination with others. It’s up to you whether you want us to go wild or keep our feet on the ground, we can do both, and we can even do them together.


While creating content strategy, our main objective is to identify the needs of the product. Content depends on many different factors, such as timing, location and culture, that need to be specified to design the strategy. We curate up-to-date, useful, cohesive, engaging and most importantly sustainable content strategies for your brand. As ugly as the word may sound, stalking is amongst our hobbies and we support that with market research and analyzing web metrics.


If an image speaks a thousand words, well, a video speaks more than a million. Besides the advantage of having an in-house video production service, we also combine the talents of a video production agency with the knowhow of video content strategies. We are all in from concept development and strategy to production and post, creating video content for all sizes of screens. An office full of creatives with videography background is just a good luck sign we guess. We don’t like to brag, so go ahead and try us.


One of the many advantages of being in the industry for so many years is that we have made solid and sincere friendships along the way. Back then instagram was probably just an idea, facebook was peaking its way to the top, and the term ‘influencer’ was not in the books just yet. Coming to the present day, we have worked and collaborated with many names, made sure to understand the brands we’ve worked together and matched the content with the right names for the best engagement.